zenpotter's Kitchen

zenpotter's Kitchen

Editor's note: details from an email sent by zenpotter (My Page)

The kitchen, living room and dinning room of our home will most likely be included in a book on bungalows to be published in Oct. 2006.
We have been busy working on other projects in and outside of our home. Here is more info.

Size, I consider it small, if compared with other bungalows it is large, 10' x 12' with 3 doors into the room and the two windows side by side. We used every inch possible. I designed it using the IKEA software and lots of trips to IKEA. (We are fortunate to have an IKEA 10 minutes from our home). My husband put it in with the help of one other person. This was the first time either one had put in a kitchen. The appliances went in the same places so no plumbing or gas lines had
to be moved. The small amount of wiring changes were done by my husband.

The total cost was $7,410.75.
IKEA $4920.07, Tile $393.16, misc. $297.52, and $1800 to his helper.

The tile is from a tile importer and installer here in Minnesota, TileXDesign. It was imported from Italy and made to look like hand made tile. I made templates of the walls to be covered and laid out the pattern on them in a "random" manor.

The counter has held up very well. I would not have put in a wooden counter if my children were still young. They are old enough to know not to cut directly on them. If they get a stain it is easily taken off with a light sanding. We use the oil that IKEA sells to condition it.

The wooden floor was discovered under white ceramic tile that was glued down to linoleum which was glued to the wood. We were taking out the ceramic to put in wood, what a nice surprise. The wood is easy on the legs and easy to care for.

The pull out pantry next to our fridge is wonderful. Using the deep cupboard over the fridge added a lot of space. I am also very pleased that we used drawers under the counter to store pots and pans.

Cabinets: IKEA Stat White
Counter: IKEA Numerar
Door knobs: IKEA Lindsdal
Sink: IKEA Domsjo
Faucet: IKEA Loviken
Dishwasher: IKEA Frigidaire
Microwave: Kenmore
Range and Fridge: Kenmore (older)
Under-cabinet lighting: IKEA Lysvik

Beautiful kitchen for a bungalow. LOVE the tile! It's so nice to see a well-done "budget" kitchen, but it doesn't look THAT budget. Thanks for your photos.

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