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Done!! And thank you all

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Posted on Fri, Oct 12, 07
Link to kitchen photos:

You can't really tell from the photos, but it looks almost like there is a continuous line from the buffet into the kitchen (the bit of wall separating the rooms as the exception). The furniture in the DR is framed in either wenge (the buffet) or maple (DR table) and all have the same frosted glass as the backsplash.

The Liebherr is a freestanding unit. I do tend to refer to it as the German tank in my kitchen -- it's quite the hunk of stainless steel! There hasn't been one person who's seen the refrigerator who hasn't commented on it (i.e., how much they would like to have one). I'm also amazed at how much it can hold and how quiet it is. It fits a 30" space.

The backsplash is frosted glass that is painted on the back so the silicone that they use to glue it to the wall doesn't show through. On the outer edge next to the recessed wall shelves, they used a strip of a sticky cushioning tape as well, which I believe prevents moisture from getting behind the glass. As far as the joint between the granite and glass, they used a clear, silicone caulk.

As far as the paint on the back of the glass, it's white, although it has an aqua cast. Obviously, the glass can be painted any color to coordinate with a color scheme.

The pet feeding area is 28w x 11h x 14d.


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