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99% complete!

Posted by: dccnm (My Page) on Sun, Aug 1, 04 at 23:22

I figured out how to post pictures!

Here's the scoop:

Originally we planned to gut the kitchen. The previous owners had refaced the original custom built cabs in white, added a white laminate counter and white tile backsplash then topped it off with a white ceramic tile floor that they laid over particle board. Yes, the floor was all cracked when we moved in. The place looked like an operating room. And all of this was in a house in the woods with dark stained woodwork, pegged oak floors and a floor to ceiling fieldstone fireplace in the living room.

When I started investigating cabs, I realized that I would actually lose space unless I went with custom again because our cabs were original to the house and utilized every millimeter of space. Plus I liked the layout and they are well built. So, we decided to keep the cabs and change everything else. If in the end, we hated the white, we could always reface them again. (But we like the look now.)

Here's the almost final product (still need to replace the switches and plugs on the backsplash and get new handles on the cabs and stain the new slider in the dining side).

Floor: porcelain that looks like stone (it's actually more beige/brown than in the pictures I think) And it does a great job hiding paw prints!

Granite: Angola Black

Backsplash: Porcelain (that looks like slate) 2x2 with glass inserts (looks a bit green in
the pics, more gray in person)

Sink: Silgranit single bowl in metallic gray, undermount

Faucet: PP Parisa

Oven: GE Profile convection (thanks MEM9)

Cooktop: AEG induction (thanks again!)

Fridge: LG French Door (titanium)

Dishwasher: Kitchenaid

What a relief to have it done and like it! Thanks so much to everyone here for their
help. I know this kitchen would not look like it does today if it wasn't for many of you
on this forum!

Here is a link that might be useful: 99% complete!

I did it! I picked a color and painted!! (pics)

Posted by dccnm (My Page) on Sat, Aug 27, 05 at 12:28

Yes everyone, after $50 in samples, with color selections running from corals to golds to greens, I finally found a color that I'm happy with. I tried at least 10 colors before I was satisfied. Many of you had suggested RH Silver Sage, and the color was gorgeous, but in my schizophrenic kitchen (very weird light) it looked baby blue. No kidding. While I admitted in my earlier post that green is NOT my favorite color, I came to terms with the fact that for this kitchen, it was the way to go. And the one I picked isn't a green green, more gray green, at least in person. My first impression with it up on the walls was how tranquil it looked, and how it brought the outdoors in. Interestingly, that has also been the first comment out of the mouths of my friends.

This is a SW color called Grasslands. I should have remembered from previous experience that SW does have the nicest selections of green for my taste and just started there. And for future reference, they don't have sample pots so they sell quarts for $5! This in comparison to BM and RH selling 2 ounce pots for $3.99. So I had the color mixed up by BM (my personal favorite company) and did it!

Thank you all so much for your comments and opinions when I was totally stuck. My color paralysis is resolved--until I take on the bedroom!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Done!!!!!


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