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Finished Kitchen.... Thanks to YOU!

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Posted on Wed, Aug 29, 07
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Absolutely love your kitchen. The backsplash is stunning. Question- are you happy with your cabinets? Are they eden or cottage? And- is it the painted white finish? It is beautiful! Enjoy.
Thanks for your compliment! My cabinets are Eden and painted white. I love them.... just a few tweaking here and there but I think that's common. You can't beat the price, they were considerably less than the five quotes I received. Thanks again! Jenn
Gorgeous kitchen--perfect blend of urban elements, clean lines and vintage warmth. I have a 1920s house and I'd been planning white subway tile and soapstone to go with my simple white cabinets, but now I'm SERIOUSLY reconsidering. Can you tell me how the countertops are holding up? We do a lot of cooking and entertaining so I'm concerned about staining (etching I can live with). Thanks so much!
Your kitchen is amazing.
Can you please inform about the manufacturer of the barstools? Do you have a website or phone number for them?

Thanks much.

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