lnersesian's Kitchen

lnersesian's Kitchen

Contact lnersesian (My Page) Posted on Mon, Jan 9, 06
Link to kitchen: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tkln/sets/1792432/

The worst before pictures...

....make the best after pictures!!!


Some of you may remember that a few months ago, I posted my horrible before pictures. Well...after years of dreaming and months of actual planning, our kitchen is 99% done! I want to thank everyone here for all their help and knowledge...without this forum, this project wouldn't have turned out like this...

We knocked down the wall between the kitchen and DR/LR, and also most of the wall between the kitchen and hallway to the bedrooms...this gave us room for a large peninsula, which increased counterspace more than ten fold!

We are still waiting on glass for the cabinets, a couple of missing backsplash pieces, our stools and installing a few wall-mounted items...but I figured it was done enough to share.

My parents bought this house in 1978, when I was 5...so it's the only kitchen I have ever really known. Ironically, when they bought it, they thought the kitchen was HUGE. My SO and I will be living here when we get married, so it was due time to update the house. Well, it was PAST due!

When we went to the granite yard, I was interested in a gold tone, but when we saw these slabs, we fell in love. Had to have it. Of course, the bank account was not that happy with us. :-) (ps - if anyone needs a recommendation for a granite supplier/installer in the NYC area, let me know!)

Thanks again everyone!

Can you say more about the tile backsplash? Where did you get the tile. What is its name?
I love your backsplash, especially the decos, what is the name of the tile?

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