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Unfitted Farmhouse Kitchen

Contact: farmhousebound (My Page)
Posted on Thu, Nov 26, 09
Link to kitchen photos:

Background Info:
This kitchen is in my DH's grandparents farmhouse and we were trying to stay fairly true to the time period

Apron Sink
Baking Center
Cabs Base>24in Deep
Ceiling Fan
Coffee Center
Hood Custom
Island Multiple
Lighting Pendant
Open Shelving
Pet Area
Prep Area Multiple
Prep Sink
Spice Storage
Unique Hardware
Walk-in Pantry
5-gallon water heater under sink
Pie safes and Baker cabinets for storage

Wow, that's a beautiful kitchen. Congratulations on the fine work!

Do you mind three questions?

I assume, perhaps incorrectly, that you used sheet beadboard, not individual planks. If so ...

1. Did you find it difficult to cover the seams between sheets, or did the paint hide them nicely?

2. Did you install the sheets right over existing drywall?

3. Did you install the sheets with glue or nails, or both?

Many thanks, and again kudos on the terrific looking job.
Love your Imperial! What a beauty.

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