snowbaby's Kitchen

snowbaby's Kitchen

Contact snowbaby (My Page) Posted December 23, 2004.
Link to kitchen photos:

We love it, but I think I'm prepared for those who don't like our wild granite.

Back mud/pantry room is the same except:
Countertop: Wilsonart Villa Roca
Floor: Congoleum something or other

you granite is absolutely stunning. it is just like a piece of art.
I agree totally with "groove's" comment - the granite is stunning! It's wild, no doubt, but stunning. You kept other things neutral (which was smart) as it makes the beautiful granite the focal point of your kitchen.
I agree with what "groove" said above - the granite is stunning! You left the remainder of the kitchen neutral (which was smart) as the wild but beautiful granite becomes the room's focal point.

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