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My finished kitchen

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Posted on Mon, May 7, 07
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My pots and pans drawers are 34-3/4" wide and the drawer measures about 7-1/2" from top to bottom. But, you could put in a pan that is a little taller because it measures 8-1/4" from the bottom to where a pan would hit the upper cabinet. My tray cabinet is 16" wide. I love that cabinet, so many things can be stored in it.

Corner Range


Absolutely gorgeous! Love it, Love it, Love it! We have the same style but I do not have the space you have to work with. I am jealous! How long did you have to wait for your Herbeau sink?
I love your kitchen, it's gorgeous. We are building our house and the kitchen is placed just like yours. One thing, where is your pantry located? I can't seem to find a good spot for mine.

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