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New Marble & Soapstone Kitchen

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Posted on Tue, Nov 13, 07
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This kitchen, while not a true "period" kitchen by any stretch of the imagination, we did try very hard to reflect and evoke the feeling of a certain period. This kitchen is part of a new construction … a tear down in a neighborhood built slowly between the late 1920's to 1940's. We did not want the house to scream "new construction" and look out of place in the neighborhood. The exterior and the interior look more like a well preserved and updated/remodeled older home than a brand-new house. To accomplish that in the kitchen, we went with inset cabinets with simple lines, took the cabinets up to the ceiling, used hardwoods in the kitchen, chose the Bertazzoni range because it's reminscent of a 1940s O'Keefe and Merit that I once had, and used classic countertop materials--marble and soapstone.

wondring how you like the marble countertop on the island...any problem with staining or water spots?

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