keriwest's Kitchen

keriwest's Kitchen

Contact: keriwest (My Page)
Posted on Mon, Mar 27, 06
Link to kitchen photos:


Hi Keri,

Your kitchen is magnificent. We are doing something very similar. Hope ours turns out as nice. Will be glad when it is finished.


I really, really love your kitchen!! In fact, I took a peek at your whole house pics on your photobucket page and I love your decorating style and selection of finishes. I'm wondering...are you a pro designer yourself or did you hire one? We're getting ready to break ground soon on our new home and I'm saving your pics as my inspiration! :)

Aloha and ciao,
I am really interested in your granite. I have posted in several areas trying to learn more about it. Where is your granite from, is it high end, and is it similar to anything else you considered? I am just starting the "kitchen journey" and love your kitchen. Margay
How funny! I just today posted about my backsplash tile and we have the same relief tile piece from! Additionally our taste seems similar. Small world!

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