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My Kitchen Is Done...and Posted, finally!!!!

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Posted on Sat, Mar 4, 06
Link to kitchen photos:


The spice holder drawer was an after-thought. I love that feature...!

It's been so long since I've been able to come around the forum, and even longer since I moved back home! We moved back in last June and love our newly remodeled home. I owe so much to the people on this site for helping me put together my kitchen...thanks to everyone.

I finally had time this morning to take some pictures and get them loaded to Webshots. Please take a peek. The final ones are at the end of the Kitchen Album.

The only thing I'd say is my cabinets don't show too well in the pictures. They are a lovely cream with a brown glaze and I love them. Hope the pictures do them right!

Love the kitchen's ambience. I especially like your light fixtures.
Love the ambience of your kitchen -- looks like a relaxing place to whip up meal. I especially like your lighting.
I love your kitchen!!! I am trying to find the same tiles as you have for my backsplash. Where did you get them? It seems that no one carries these tiles. I have searched high and low and these are a great match for my tropical brown granite.

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