redroze's Kitchen

White and Espresso Kitchen With Antique Pendants

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Posted on Sun, Mar 15, 09
Link to kitchen photos:

Baking Drawer
Counter-to-Ceiling Cabinet
Floor Plan
Glass Doors
Inset Doors
Island with Seating
Lighting: Pendant
Lighting: Recessed
Lighting: Under Cabinet
Message Center/Desk
Microwave Shelf
Open Shelving
Prep Sink
Reach-in Pantry
Rollout Trays
Soap Dispenser
Unique Hardware

Love this kitchen! Thanks for all the details.
Why thank you! I still need to add "finished finished" photos which include the kitchen chairs, and some type of flowers on the island and kitchen table. I LOVE fresh flowers from the garden.
Love your kitchen! I am in the process of choosing my granite for my kitchen and I'm looking at a Bianco Romano that will go on both the cherry island and cream/coffee glazed perimeter cabinet. I'm concerned with the grey tones and wonder if I need something that has more of a brown? I think you've got wonderful taste and hoping you can help!
I think Bianco Romano would look beautiful with your cherry island and cream/coffee perimeter cabs. Bianco Romano has more creamy/brown tones than my Bianco Antico, which has more greyish brown tones. I think it will look fab - go for it! There is a person on Garden Web who has Bianco Romano - Deanna1949. Her kitchen was one of my inspirations, so try to find her kitchen if you can.
I love, love, love your whole house! I have been torn over the backsplash but have now decided I must have yours!! Great job!!! I hope you are enjoying every minute of it, and thanks for your post :)
That's amazing that you chose the Heath Ann Sacks backsplash!!! It took us awhile to choose the backsplash too but have no regrets. It is beautiful, classic, elegant. Just figure out if you want the matte finish (which we have) or glossy.
Your kitchen has been my inspiration. Remember, it's the sincerest form of flattery to imitate something you really like. When I've looked at granite and the "feel" I want in our kitchen, I always return to your photos. So beautiful!
Just beautiful! Thanks for this. Great ideas and the white is spectacular.

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