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My New Kitchen is finished

Posted by emma47 (My Page) on Tue, Aug 30, 05 at 20:57

Here's my new kitchen -- 4 months in the making. It's a small room - 13x14 feet in a
1920s building. Although there are a few things I would do differently, I'm thrilled
with it.


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Oh! What a stunning kitchen, Emma! IMHO the floor gives it that extra bit of drama to put it over the top! Great job. Congratulations!

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It really is a lovely kitchen and it looks like one that is a joy to work in. Congratulations and enjoy!

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Love it! Looks so much like my kitchen choices (minus the island) ... we have an even smaller space. Can you provide details on your counters and colors and such?


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Thanks so much for all your help. Here are the details:

Kraftmaid Cabinets - Polar White.

Wilsonart laminate counters with beveled edge - Graphite Nebula matte finish

Island from Fine Crafted Cabinetry - http://www.finecraftedcabinetry.com/

Floor is Mannington commercial vinyl tile

Butcher block counter from Old World Butcherblock http://www.butcherblockspecialist.com/Countertops.htm

Paint color is Behr's Morning Sunlight

Sink is Moen granite composite ivory - big single

Faucet is Moen Aberdeen stainless steel

Hot & Cold water dispenser with filter - Insinkerator HC1100

Pulls & Knobs - Brushed Nickel from Direct Kitchen Source on Ebay

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Lovely!!! I love the mix of countertop materials and the punch of color with the stools....oh and the floor adds drama! I don't think it is so small. It looks very functional! I added a link to make it easier to access. Great Job!

Here is a link that might be useful: Emma47 Kitchen

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Beautiful..I love your floor!

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You really pulled everything together nicely. Love it!

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Emma, I love your kitchen, esp the floor! And the mixed counters, and the wall color with the make-me-smile name. Your kitchen has a step-in-and-cook feel which I hope to have in my own as well.

I think our kitchens are about the same size, or maybe mine's smaller. Does your kitchen seem smaller to you in the photo than in real life?

Will you really use your butcher block counters? I'm doing this as well but I can't imagine the shock of taking the first knife to the counter! Are your counters there to look pretty, work hard, or both?!

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It looks perfect for a 1920s building, and great colors (floor, stools, walls and countertops).

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Thanks for all your nice comments.


In the picture you only see one side of the kitchen. On the other side is an original built-in sideboard and two doors - one to the hallway and the other to the dining room. There is also a pantry with double doors. So it does indeed feel smaller in the picture than in reality.

I planned to use the butcher block but have not been able to bring myself to actually do it. It's only been in a few weeks. I will do it -- really I will. I want the counters to look good but to work hard also.

How is your kitchen coming along? Have you started?

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What gas range do you have? I'm also testing out ideas of stainless appliances and light colors for a 1920s-ish space.

What are the few things you would have done differently? From the photos, everything looks lovely. Congrats.

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Basic Kim,

Thanks very much. The gas range is a Frigidaire 5-burner. I added the link below. I like the stove a lot.

What I would do differently:

-I didn't know about full extension drawers.
-I would have ordered a spice rack built into an upper cab door.
-I would have found some way to get another drawer stack instead of the cabinet with pullouts. I don't have enough drawers but do have plenty of storage on shelves in the pantry.

I think that's about it. Good luck with your project. I look forward to seeing it when it's finished.

Here is a link that might be useful: Frigidaire stainless steel range

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It looks lovely, Emma. Very warm, functional and happy! May you enjoy it in good health!

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You've turned this smallish space into a real gem of a kitchen. Just so inviting! Really happy mix of materials you've chosen.

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How's my kitchen coming along??? Have I started??? Oh, Emma, I would have responded earlier but I've been too busy ROTFLMAO, no wait, most of it's still there...

Someone I write big checks to once said "I can't imagine why we wouldn't finish by May 2." Oct. 2 is looking like a better time to take a knife to my butcher block, which BTW is waiting to go to work along with every appliance and custom light gathering dust... More cupboards coming Tuesday, to replace a few mistakes in place. Then I think we speed up. Floor scheduled Friday, we'll see...

I think one of the photos I saw the other day is mysteriously gone. Do we get to see the original sideboard?

Kim, guess you're mulling over a stainless range in an older kitchen as well. (Mine's 1914 but my favorite kitchen time period is the 20s, for all the color possible.) I have a range (still boxed) I originally intended to powder coat blue-green but I grew squeamish after ordering "basic stainless." Could still do it, but do I have the guts??? Emma, I think one reason yours fits so well is that you have the lovely dark counter tying in your range tones. Makes me wonder if my stainless range with black knobs will make peace with my kitchen given all the black trim in my tile work.

I love kitchens that fit their homes, and yours slips in nicely. Let us know when you cut something on that counter!


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