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Finished Kitchen - Cherry w/Granite Tiles

Posted by RebeccaW (My Page) on Wed, Dec 7, 05 at 19:44

Here is a link to my before and after Kitchen pictures. We went with Kraftmaid Cherry Autumn Blush with Juparana Light Tiles, a Rohl farmhouse sink, KitchenAid stainless appliances, except the refrigerator (GE - yeck!), the Ceramic Stove top was also KA - black with stainless trim. Removed the 2nd sink from the island to give more entertaining space (no regrets!). We love this kitchen. Only regret - not going with a built in refrigerator. We finished this kitchd a little over a year ago and are now moving and redoing another kitchen. We are going with the Kraftmaid Cherry Autumn Blush again, but with more modern doors as our new house is on the modern side. Going with granite tiles again, Tan Brown and Stainless KA appliances. I'll post pictures when it is done - hopefully by the end of January!

Here is a link that might be useful: Rebecca's Kitchen Remodel

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Rebecca - that is a huge change! From sterile to warm and inviting. The farm sink looks lovely.

 o RE: Finished Kitchen - Cherry w/Granite Tiles is beautiful....I love the cabinet color....

 o RE: Finished Kitchen - Cherry w/Granite Tiles

Could you tell me the name of the granite tiel you used and also the floor tile? Your kitchen is the same color as mine and I'm considering changing the floor and countertops. Also, love your kitchen ade stoves. Is it a double oven or an oven and micro?

 o RE: Finished Kitchen - Cherry w/Granite Tiles

Thanks everyone.

dgmarie, the granite tiles were Juparana Light. Sorry I can't remember what the floor tiles were. I just measured them and they are actually 17.5" tiles. We purchased both at Bedrosian's here in CA. The oven is the Oven Convection/Micro combo (Ultima Cook). It is great. I don't have to have a microwave somewhere else and when I need that double oven every so often I have it.

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Were you happy with Kraftmaid (quality, service, etc.)? Lots of varying opinions on this forum. Thanks.

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Beautiful transformation, but I would've kept the wood floors.

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beware - The quality of Kraftmaid is good, we have had no problems and as I said we are doing a 2nd kitchen using Kraftmaid again. Our contractor is a personal friend and he was pleased with the cabinet quality. We did have quality issues with the finish on the doors, but once we got a Kraftmaid rep out they replaced the doors with no problem. The main issue was their shipping practice of putting in cardboard with no plastic wrap and the cardboard had rubbed marks onto the doors. My sales person at Lowes said that he hasn't seen any issues like this lately.

HanArt - the pictures don't show it, but the wood floors were really beat up. It would have cost us more to refinish them than to put in the tile. We replaced the wood floor in the front entry and down the hallway to the family room, which was carpeted, and into kitchen. Wood is pretty, but for us dog lovers the tile doesn't scratch. Another reason for the tile, is I personally don't like wood cabinets with a different type and color wood on the floor. Here is a few more pics of the the tile floor.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tile Floor

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Your kitchen is wonderful, Rebecca. What a change!

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Gorgeous! I can see someone had tried to go high concept before--reminded me of the "futuristic" sets on Sleeper :). Bet you were glad to see that last of that white tile!

re the floor: You won't like my kitchen, then, because I personally love two different kinds of wood in the kitchen (and ACCKK I've got *three* different kinds, actually! because I got accents in a third wood!)--you know what's funny--I love to see the light and dark wood next to each other-I've got Hallarum cabs, white oak flooring, and VG fir accents--and I love them together LOL but your tile works nicely too.

 o RE: Finished Kitchen - Cherry w/Granite Tiles

Ok, this is my 3rd time to try and post a reply. Hopefully all 3 don't come through at some point! Flyleft, your kitchen colors sound wonderful. I actually retract my comment after visualizing your woods. I guess if you put the right combo together it works. And yes we were so happy to see that kitchen and the soffits gone.


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