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Posted on Tue, Oct 2, 07
Link to kitchen photos: http://s53.photobucket.com/albums/g60/Julie7549/Finished%20kitchen/

We removed 2 interior walls and expanded into a side patio area, increasing our footage by 116'. Eliminating the walls allowed us to have an open kitchen/dining room rather than two separate rooms.

The arched window is either a Marvin or Anderson, I don't remember (we are waiting on white hardware to come in). Something our contractor purchased. The cabinets are 48", exclusive of crown molding. Our ceilings are 9' (we raised them a foot during the remodel). Our base cabinets are almost 2" taller than standard as my husband, myself and kids are taller than average (if that helps with the scale).

So I am interested in purchasing Dacor appliances for our kitchen remodel...are you liking your cooktop and ovens? How is your Miele dishwasher. I was steered away from Miele by the salesman I spoke with because he said they don't clean as well as they should. Do you have to rinse your dishes or can you put them in after just being scraped? Any problems with the ovens or cooktop. I had read some people's postings saying they had had problems with theirs and then the customer service was less than desirable from Dacor. (I have also read the like with other brands as well so I.m a little confused at eh moment). Your kitchen looks great and very user-friendly!

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