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Finished Kitchen, including backsplash!

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Posted on Wed, Nov 15, 06
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What we like most about the kitchen is that it is comfortable to work in. We decided that what we needed was not 2 sinks, but more counter space. I wanted two ovens, and we use them both. I do love having both an electric and an all-gas.

Table is 48" round. We are a family of 4, but usually pull up an extra chair. 5 is ok, but 6 is a squeeze. (The table does have a 2-foot leaf, making the circle into an oval, but we haven't used it for a while.)

We added the 10- x 10' space to the house so that the table and chairs would fit comfortably. I asked for the desk and file drawers, so it's not quite 100 sq ft., but close enough. To sit at the desk, I just pull up one of the kitchen chairs. (We also keep a box for paper recycles under the desk.)

Thanks for the great details. I LOVE your sink and the "feel" of your kitchen. Great job! So many decisions, it's driving me crazy, so to see something that inspires me is much appreciated.

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