bri29's Kitchen

White Shaker Kitchen with Delirium Granite

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Posted on Wed, Oct 21, 09
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The kitchen is 9'3" wide by 9'8" long, so it's not a big space, but it's amazing how much bigger it seems with white cabinets and without that gigantic pantry cupboard blocking the view. The peninsula is 48" long from the wall, leaving me with a little over 36" for the walkway.

This was almost completely diy within the family. My dad's a general contractor and was invaluable to the overall process. My uncle, also a GC, built the cabinets and did the granite. In the space of a week and a half we did all the demo, lighting, electrical, a little plumbing, flooring install, sheetrock patching, painting, cabinets, granite etc. The only thing I hired out was having the sheetrock taped, floated and textured, I know my limits! Because of this, and the powers of the internet for finding deals, the total cost was only $15,000 for everything including appliances.

Cabs Wall>12in Deep
Cabs Wall>36in High
Cutting Board Storage
Full Extension Drawers
Garden Window
Lighting Recessed
Lighting Under Cabinet
Message Center Desk
Soap Dispenser
Toe Kick Drawer
Trash Pullout
Tray Divider


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