MsAzadi's Kitchen

MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

Posted by MsAzadi (My Page) on Fri, May 20, 05 at 14:59

Well more than a year later, I guess it is as done as it's going to be until we finally
decide on the desk/seating area. That needs to be lived in for a while and yes I need
to list what is what re materials.

For a start...

Ikea Adel White Cabs, modified here and there
Ikea handles and knobs

GE Double Door Fridge
Old Kenmore (?) dishwasher
GE Advantium 110v
GE Single 30" Convection Oven
Fisher and Paykel 36" cooktop
(?) 36" Downdraft

Elkay Sink Undermount - ELU2816
Elkay Prep Sink Undermoung -ELU1418

Kohler Essex� Kitchen Faucet on main sink
Wristblade Handles with Sidespray K-8763

Essex Entertainment Sink Faucet, Wristblade Handles
K-8761 on prep sink

Soapstone counters from Hilgartner Stone in Baltimore
(not really clear on precise origin)

Flooring - Bruce prefinished (nd details)
Walls color based on BM 5019 (nd to verify this)

8' Anderson sliding door and all other double hung windows
8' wall window 2nd Chance Salvage, Baltimore
34" pantry door...street salvage Batlimore
Transom window glass - street salvage Baltimore

Feel free to ask any other questions...dh has yet to total what we actually spent, esp with Ikea since we bought so much in bits and pieces. We lacked storage and set up space so that worked for us.

I am content.

Here is a link that might be useful: MsAzadi's Kitchen

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 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

Finally! And it's fabulous! Love those adel white cabs! ;-) And the soapstone is so striking with the white cabs. You did a great job customizing your kitchen to suit your needs.

 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

Love that kitchen! Love the adjacent sitting area! It all looks so comfortable and ready for cooking and living. It's a kitchen I can really relate to. Congratulations!

 o It is beautiful and functional! Great job...

love the soapstone, the pots/pans storage, the pantry, the brick and the spices...very functional. :O)

 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

I'm adding this other link to the insides, so those who are seriously considering drawers can see the variety of uses.

Here is a link that might be useful: Inside those cabinets

 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

That cookbook storage space is to die for! Love your soapstone, it does look so wonderful with the cabinets. I can't believe you are finally through - get a cookin'!!!

 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

Glad you're done Maureen - it looks lovely. The veins in the soapstone are really something!


 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

Fabulous job Maureen! I've been sticking around waiting on a few of the old KF folks to finish.

I love the overall look - the clean white cabinets and the lovely counters are beautiful together. I love the different height counters. I love it all!

I'm very happy for you!

And my Siamese said to say HI to your Siamese...

 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

Wonderful space you have. I really love the two islands. Best of luck to you. Rose

 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

Love it!! It's just beautiful! I do love your soapstone. Your whole kitchen is wonderful! Enjoy! Deb

 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

I really am looking for suggestions on that desk/sitting area. Next week I'll venture over to Decorating and ask the style mavens for suggestions but you all have seen me thru the process and have a feel, I hope, for me and what I'm like. The space is 5' x 13' with that fireplace in the deck end corner.

 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

You are a true cook, everything looks very nice, there's a wonderful feel in that whole room, with your windows and the open space !!

 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen


I LOVE your kitchen !! It has that look that just invites people in to sit a spell !! You did good !!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd be in that kitchen all day long !!! Enjoy many happy hours of cooking !!!


 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

Maureen, great work! I LOVE that particular dramatic lightning-bolt jagged soapstone line on the far island-- I instantly thought of it as "The Harry Potter line" :)

And when I saw you there, I said "HI Maureen!" out loud before I caught myself...

uh-oh. I'm now talking to the Forum *through the monitor*...

It's beautiful and functional and everything a kitchen should be. It's only natural it's yours :)

 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

Your soapstone is lovely! What kind is it? May I add one of your photos to the new but not-yet-announced Soapstone Photo blog?

 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

starpooh, the type of soapstone is up in the air. I was told I was getting Vermont SS but since the first slabs were too small, the saleswoman told me she was getting new slabs from NJ. Sooo...sounds like Texeria to me but still no specific type.

One of these days I will ask her if they came in with a name. Our final discussions were not that agreeable since I expected to have the cut outs, and they did not expect to give them to me. I was told that they were 'gone' whatever that means, but I was free to sort through their scrapyard and take what I wanted tho there was no soapstone there.

 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

Your kitchen looks wonderful, congratulations!

 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

Worth the wait- just beautiful! Congratulations! Thanx for sharing!

 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

I just love your kitchen! I usually go for the ultra modern look, and you've managed to create a kitchen that's modern, cozy, traditional, and just plain terrific. You've put such thought into where things should be for convenience and size. I wish I'd have had your advice when we planned our space. I hope your beautiful new space will give you many happy hours of

 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

Great job, Maureen! Congratulations!
I have never heard of oiling SS. What is the purpose of that? Is it just to make it look better and how long would that last? Can you tell me what is the formula for the mix? I am putting in a ss sink also. Thank you.

 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

Congratulations on completing the long haul at last. Your kitchen has always had such a warm, special feel, even in progress. It is evident that two compatible, content people share this personalized space that is anything but cookie cutter. The soapstone adds warmth and verve to the white cabinets - love the 2 island layout. And I love the salvaged brick,pantry door and wall colors.

What are your goals for the desk area? Maybe that would help us offer suggestions.

 o RE: MsAzadi's Finished Ikea/SoapStone Kitchen

Hunlin, imho the oiling evens out the surface of the soapstone after various oils and things, while not exactly staining the surface, do mark it slightly or deeply as a BIG oil spill did. It makes the surface smoother and less likely to 'absorb; dribbles and drabbles. Now, this is why "I" do it, but those who are more scientific have discussed this Quite A Bit over the past year in threads long gone. It's also like polishing wood. The surface looks better and feels better. Of course you can also scrub wood and let it age that way for a country look. You pays your money and makes your choice.

AnnaLee, The space that is aprx 5' X 8' (the area that now includes the desk and a small bit of open space) is part of the whole 5'X17' addition. We are not sure we are really going to keep our dining room as a dining room, but maybe use that for a flat screen tv and then a really comfy couch/seating.

In front of the salvaged 8' window where we now have our bargain Ikea loveseat, we have also had a table...and I am also considering putting a banquette in front of that window with a seat that also goes out into the kitchen, in effect blocking out the desk corner, defining that space a little beter.

This is an idea that my friend has done below, but we would have our desk in the corner end and just put a bookcase behind the seating are that is the bottom of the L.

Here is a link that might be useful: This and the next picture are one of my ideas

All pics are now on Flickr....and there is the whole process in various sets of pictures. More than you may ever have wanted to know... :-)

MsAzadi's Kitchen
can you give me the depth of both parts of the 2-tiered section? the proportions look just right.

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