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Finished Kitchen Pictures!

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Posted on Fri, Feb 15, 08
Link to kitchen photos:
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We expanded from what was two rooms: kitchen and glass-surrounded breakfast room. (previous owners enclosed the porch and put a real foundation under it as an extension.) The breakfast room, which housed the west wall of the house making it literally unbearable all summer, is what convinced us to make it all one room with much less glass. The new space became 20 x 15, all kitchen. We got rid of the kitchen table, but we have a dining room on the north side of the house. The kitchen and DR are separated by a 42" high half-wall which we treated with matching wild sea granite. That half-wall has KM natural oak cabinets which open into the DR. They don't match but they blend into the floor so it's all good.

Who made your cabinets on Long Island?
It was Cabinetry by Design, I think now called Ciuffo Cabinetry - Gary Ciuffo. Very professional and very nice.
We're about to do a kitchen remodel and can't decide between putting the sink or the range in the island. It's a large island and we need to put one there, just can't decide what one would be better after living with it. We were going to do the range so we could cook and entertain and talk to people but then I realized I spend more time doign the dishes and that might be nice to have someone to talk to.

Do you have problems with splattering people or the steam bothering people sitting on the other side? Do you have kids? Does it ever seem dangerous?

Any insight would be helpful! Thanks, Afton
Your cabinets are beautiful!! Are your doors inset, full overlay or partial overlay? I can't tell from the picture.

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