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My kitchen is done!

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Posted on Tue, May 29, 07
Link to kitchen photos: http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=0Has2bFsxca


Your kitchen is adorable and classic! Love your cookbook storage (something I forgot in my kitchen) and the wall-mounted faucet.
Beautiful! Love the jadeite green walls and all of the great details. Do you miss your vintage stove? How is the soapstone working out? Do you have pics of the marmoleum floor?
You know, I don't really miss the vintage stove. I loved its charm, and it really did work well for its age, but the dinky oven always bugged me. I love being able to bake a whole recipe of cookies in one shot, or have a roast in the oven AND heat up appetizers!

Here's a pic of the floor right after it was installed.

The feature strip mimics the feature strips in the adjacent dining room's hardwood.
Can you share which lights you used from LEDelectronics? Your kitchen is wonderful@
Sure. I used the wide angle (85°) strips, in warm white (though the two 24" strips seem cooler). I used a combination of their sizes, based on my needs to fit under the cabinets (and their minimum order of two). When it came time for installation, I wrote out on my elevations exactly which strips went where.

Here's the link.
I love your kitchen. I have simular colors in mine. I love the vintage feel of the jadite. I collect vintage fiesta and hammered aluminum. I think with the black and white color scheme you can put anything with it. Well Done!

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