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Posted on Thu, May 5, 05
link to kitchen: http://snakata.photosite.com/

Gee, finally found a site I can work with!
Here is a reposting of our kitchen remodel pictures.
The old ones have long scrolled off.

Follow-Up Postings:

Stunning! Bravo...

Looks like it should be in a magazine. Very clean.

RE: Final new photo site!!!

Wow, looks great! What kind of counters do you have?

RE: Final new photo site!!!

Thank you. The granite slab counters are Uba Tuba. There should be explanations under the photos when they are enlarged.

RE: Final new photo site!!!

Love the serenity....and the way the sunlight bounces off the countertops. Great job !

RE: Final new photo site!!!

Oh yeah...I remember your kitchen. I LOVE your house & kitchen: grasscloth, Shoji screen, fabulous windows & light, sleek mid-century modern at its best. Did you design the kitchen yourself? It's really fabulous. Thanks for the new photos.

RE: Final new photo site!!!

We worked with a friend who is an architect. Thank you for your kind comments.

Absolutely stunning...one of the prettiest kitchens I have ever seen. Your entire home is gorgeous. Love your deck remodel...you have impeccable taste!
I'm curious about your backsplash...but the photos are no longer available (snakata.photosite.com has discontinued service)
Really great kitchen..

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