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Posted on Wed, Nov 29, 06
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We did almost everything ourselves that we could do including paint, flooring, trim, etc. There was a LOT of blood sweat and tears from DH and myself and our 2 kids.

Cabinets have three coats of SW Ivoire, sanded in between. Then I mixed three to one glaze to chocolate colored paint and wiped on and then right off (up and down strokes) with cheesecloth. I concentrated the glaze in the cracks and corners to make it authentic looking. I went through a huge box of cheesecloth I bought at Wal-M. Then three coats of Minwax poly, which gave it the creamy sheen. I have been using it for over a year and have no chips. A lot of steps, but really not hard, just waiting for the drying is the hard part because of the two sides. Oh, and the glazing is not hard. The trick is to not go over it more than once, because when the wet glaze hits the glaze already applied, it comes off! Once I realized that, it was a cinch!

I love your kitchen!! I am also an antique lover. Did you paint your existing cabinets or were they new unfinished? Also what brand of chocolate paint and glaze did you use, and did you use 3 parts glaze to 1 part paint? Thank you!
Hi, skival, and thank you. My cabinets were built and installed, I painted and glazed them, then the cabinetmaker came back and put in the drawers and doors. I used SW Color Accents paint, latex satin 6068 brevity brown. And lastly, yes, 3 parts glaze to one part paint. Hope this helps!

I love, love, love your kitchen! You did a beautiful job! WOW!

When you did your cabinets did you glaze just the doors or did you do the base too? Thanks
Hi Frenchkitty,

I would love to install brick flooring in my laundry room. Could you please tell me where you purchased it and was it hard to install? Thank you!
I've spent hours and hours looking at all these kitchen photos/blogs, but until now I didn't want to consider painting my medium oak cabinets. Your painting and choices have made me reconsider. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!! I definitely want your inset tile ledge that's above your stove! Love it, love it, love it! So warm, elegant casual, homey, beautiful. You can certainly see that memories will be made here.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR KITCHEN !!Where did you get your pot rack I am guessing you made it .

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