NorCalNancy's Kitchen

NorCalNancy's Kitchen

Contact: NorCalNancy
Posted: sometime in 2003
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What are your countertops?
Your kitchen looks very similar to what we are thinking to do. Could you tell me who made the cabinets, and what kind of wood/finish?
How do the brushed granite countertops work on a day to day basis?
Would you mind telling me where you got your cabinets? I live in san francisco and wondered if that was the part of northern california where you lived and got the cabinets/materials.
I was also wondering what kind of cabinets those are?
Wow I didn't know this blog existed, what a great resource. The cabinets are custom cherry with a 50/50 Minwax finish. I basically designed them and they were extremely reasonable in price. The cabinet maker is JR's Woodworks in Sonoma County.

come in nancy! beautiful room/s!! we're trying to decide if brushed ab countertops will be tough to clean. does food seem to require more elbow-grease to remove fomr the slight texture of brushed? tracy northern calif. too!
Could you please tell me the dimensions of your island, and what kind of cabinets you have in the island? It looks very sharp.

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