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Posted on Mon, Dec 18, 06
Link to kitchen photos:

Almost completely DIY.

It took a giant leap of faith on our part to use a wall of open shelving. It doesn't feel as empty as it looks when you are standing inside it. I think it would have been a big mistake on our part to eliminate so many uppers without adding that whole wall of pantry cabinets. We have so much storage space on the base cabinets that I don't miss the uppers at all. I do miss an island but I was afraid to put one in because I didn't feel there would have been enough space for my children to congregate around it without getting in my way and ticking me off. lol I will have stools at the penninsula when I find the right ones.

The main problem with our old kitchen's design was there wasn't a good place for food storage. That is how the pantries came into play. The first one is a complete pullout. The second one is a door with pullout shelves in them and the third is a broom closet.


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