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posted Sept 2012

The FKB has been redesigned and will remain on blogger.

You are now viewing the original FKB, which has been archived.
This site will no longer be updated. New kitchens and categories will be updated on the new FKB.

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posted 01/22/12

The new redesigned FKB will be ready for input in a week or two.

Send an email to starpooh@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to let us know that you're ready to post your finished kitchen. Please include your Gardenweb member name. Within a week or two we will send you a "passphrase" to allow you to login to the new FKB and add your own kitchen..

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posted 04/09/11

The redesigned FKB is coming soon and I need your help!

I love the FKB and your beautiful kitchens... but the manual updates are just too time-consuming. When the FKB was first designed (way back in 2005) Web. 2.0 had just started to take off; there weren't many web applications besides blogs that allowed users to interact with a website. Heck blogger didn't even support categories back then! (Hence the use of the difficult "del.icio.us" for categories.)

But, of course, all that is changed now.
So I've been playing around with different web apps for a new FKB and have found a solution that makes managing it much easier: a site where users can upload and categorize their own kitchens. You would need to register with the site, then add all your own kitchen details and photos.
The best part about this new site is it would allow users to search multiple categories (an enhancement folks have been requesting for years). So you could easily find all budget kitchens with maple cabinets.... or all kitchens with white cabinets, soapstone countertops and black appliances.... or all kitchens with light wood cabinets and open shelving. You get the idea.
The new site is almost ready to be published. But once the site goes "live" I don't want to make any major changes to the categories; I'd like to finalize them now.
I have a test site where you can view all the categories. (There are LOTS of them... split into 12 pages.)
Can you please help by checking the new categories before I finalize the FKB? All suggestions are welcome!
To access the categories on the new FKB:
1. Visit the test site at starpooh.com/test
2. Login: userid is "tester", password is "tester" (both without the quotes)
3. Click the tab "Modify/Edit My Kitchen"
4. You should see tester's Kitchen of Handmade Play Kitchens. Click the Edit button.
5. You should see 3 entry forms. The categories are in 2 of the entry forms. (I've disabled the Upload form since it's still a work-in-progress).
  • Click the button "Add My Kitchen Basics".
    Feel free to modify the contents on this form; nothing will be saved since the send button has been disabled.
  • Click the button "Categorize My Kitchen".
    Please go through all 12 of the major kitchen categories. And again feel free to modify the contents on this form since it cannot be saved.
Please either email suggestions to me at starpooh@gmail.com
or add a comment to this post
or add a comment to this gardenweb thread.

Thank you!!!

~ starpooh

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