tiskers' Kitchen

Light, Open, Airy, and Casual Cottage Style Kitchen

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Posted on Fri, Apr 3, 09
Link to kitchen photos: http://s234.photobucket.com/albums/ee184/Lynn614/KITCHEN%20DONE/?albumview=slideshow
Link to original thread: tiskers' original GW thread


Do It Yourself: One of the FEW parts of our DIY project that we did NOT do ourselves was the hanging/installing of the cabinets. We had the professional installer from the kitchen design company do that for us.

Kitchen design by The Kitchen Village, Corry & Erie, PA.
Kitchen design complements our 1600 SF Cape Cod home (built in the 50's).
The step-up "shelf" behind the sink was added for interest and to kinda balance out the step-up bar at the opposite side of the room.

Bar with Seating
Cabinets: Base >36"high
Corner Sink
Counter-depth Frig
Counter-to-Ceiling Cabinet
Cutting Board Storage
DIY - Do It Yourself
Drawer Dividers
Floor Plans
Full Extension Drawers
Glass Doors
Lazy Susan
Lighting: Pendant
Lighting: Recessed
Lighting: Under Cabinet
Microwave Shelf
Pantry Door opens on both sides
Peninsula: Multilevel
Peninsula with Seating
Plug inside Cabinet
Reach-in Pantry
Spice Storage
Stenciled Mouse
Tray Divider

How do you like your floors? I'm looking at Tarkett Fiberfloor myself ...
Oh, I LOVE the floor. So easy to stand on, and a breeze to clean. And we get so many compliments on it, too. We would do it again in a heartbeat!
Your kitchen is beautiful and very similar in layout to the one I'm planning. I have two questions: 1) how do you like having your microwave under your counter top? and 2) do you have a hood for your cooktop and if not, has that been an issue? OK - maybe that's technically 3 :) Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful results!

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